Meet The Author


rf25fhvb Born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Eric is a husband and the father of two amazing boys. He has been writing stories since he was 15 years old  is always seeking ways to improve his craft. When he does write, he loves to explore themes that are left neglected or that haven’t be allowed to experience their full potential. He usually writes long series so each of his characters, as well as the plot, have a chance to ferment. This creates a thick atmosphere that roots the reader to their chair with each turn of the page. One of his manuscripts that he has finished is The Animal Within. Along with novels he also loves writing short stories and challenges himself to make them better every day.

While Eric loves to write he also loves to read. Stephen King, James Patterson, and Darren Shan are some of the few authors he enjoys. Even though these are published authors, he also enjoys reading stories from fans and other writers that take passion in their work. Indie authors is a growing term and Eric is constantly challenging himself to find that one unripe apple that will grip him to his seat. He adores any review given to his work and equally enjoys helping other writers with theirs.

If you get the chance, say hello and grab a chair. He does not believe an author is successful due to just his writing but also due to amazing fans eager to spread the word and grow together as a community.

My Book



The Animal Within